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Latest Tend in Chicago Wedding Catering for 2016

Hot Wedding Catering Trends

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task because you need to search, review, and choose vendors that will cater your wedding. One of the most important wedding elements is the wedding catering in Chicago, IL. There is no particular standard when it comes to catering service but each year, these caterers tend to come up with something unique and ideal that will make your wedding memorable.

Wedding CateringThis wedding will give you a hint of what are the latest trends in wedding catering in Chicago, IL that you can employ for your big day:

Rustic Dining

This type of themed catering service has been around for a while but it doesn’t get old. 2016 is a year of elegance and sophistication, having such catering service will make your wedding perfect and memorable. Rusting dining will give your guest a different experience that many formal dining can’t offer. Forget about the five star hotels and restaurant, how about having a sharing-style buffet? Sounds fun right? This will work for those young couples who are starting to build their careers. This type of dinning is not so expensive which means that anyone can afford without losing their bank account.

Rusting dining is more on buffet style. You can have different buffet station. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian will enjoy the party. This type of dining is also ideal if you want your guest to interact to each other. Perfect choice for socialization! Also, this style will make everyone feel at ease. It also helps to create a more intimate appeal.

Fresh and Organic Dining

In recent years, people are becoming health conscious. They tend to stay out of processed foods. By serving fresh and organic food for your wedding catering in Chicago, IL your guests will enjoy the food without worrying. You can get fresh and organic products from your local supplier. Locally sourcing the food for your wedding catering is a really great idea. You are not just serving healthy food but you also helping the local producers. Keep in mind that this is a big help to local market. If you are renting a place for your reception, you can impose a fresh and organic food only. Talk to your caterer and make sure to get the ingredients from a local market. This is ideal for those couple who are in favor of eco-friendly wedding.

Lunch Van Dining

This type of dining does cover a wide variety these days. If you are going to have a summer wedding and planning to use this type of wedding catering in Chicago, IL then you could probably use an ice cream stand. This is not just cute and chic, it will also make the kids and big kids happy and excited. You can add a number of topping options. To make the whole idea amazing, put a photobooth beside the stand and everyone will go crazy.

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