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Tasty Wedding Cake Alternatives

heart-shaped wedding cake Breaking the traditional dessert mold, which is serving cake in a wedding, could be done in different ways. As you know, there are a number of confections that are always ready to replace cakes as bridal desserts. If you are looking for amazing alternatives to wedding cakes, look for more image here.

Here are the best alternatives that you can find in the bridal dessert market:

Donuts: They are the most trendiest handheld dessert nowadays. Unlike cakes, they are easy to pass around. These fried desserts are really perfect if you serve them with dipping sauce. You can also serve churros as one of the many variations of donuts.

Candy table: If you want to have a self serve option when it comes to sweet, displaying a table of different candies will put smiles into your guest's faces. To make it more visually appealing, choose color scheme for your candies. Make your candy choices more personal by serving childhood favorites like Red Hots and so on.

Retro desserts: Going timeless with your desserts is not bad at all. Serve your guests with vintage themed sweets like coconut cake, chocolate pudding cake, peanut butter and banana cream-pie, sodas made of ice cream and strawberry, milkshakes and the likes.

Pie buffet: If there is a perfect alternative for a tiered cake, it is the pie. Pies have an amazing characteristic in terms of flexibility; you can arrange them in a stand in order to look like a cake. Surround your tiered pies with home baked goodies in order to add more stylish appeal.

Cake pops: If you want foods that are easy to satisfy your guests, you can start by serving sweets on sticks. This style will save time in terms of preparing for the plating of your guests. Cake pops are also customization when it comes to color scheme; choose colors that are related to the general theme.

S'mores: This campfire classic will surely entice everyone, especially that it is uncommon to see marshmallows in a wedding party. Give your guests something different by serving artisan mallows that come in different flavors like chocolate chipeta, caramel swirl, coconut and so on. You can also feature an all time favorite Nutella or Hershey's chocolate.

Ice cream sandwich: Are you craving for a gourmet ice cream? Well, the best way to serve them is wrapped in between two slices of your favorite pastry bread. You can customize ice cream sandwich by adding chips, nuts, chocolate, caramel and others.

Mason jar desserts: If there is a creative way of presenting a dessert, it is in the mason jar. You can always serve cake layers, brownies with caramel tops, puddings, fruit crumbles in a mason jar. Please make sure that the jar's bottom will not become soggy.

These amazing alternatives to wedding cakes are not only tasty; they are also cost efficient. Unlike getting a 7-tiered cake, these desserts could be purchased in a cheaper cost. Most of the time, they are 40% cheaper plus you can avail them in variety. If you are up to the challenge of a bolder dessert, please pick at least one treat that is mentioned above. To find top bakery for your wedding cake, visit this site.